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Assistant Professor of Law in BML Munjal University Gurgaon
  • Posted 11 Feb 2019
  • Role Assistant Professor
  • Job Type Full Time
  • Max. Exp. 8 years

Job Description:

  • A passionate commitment to ones discipline and the ability to transfer this enthusiasm to ones students
  • Set a personal example to ones students through ones belief in ethics and values demonstrated through their regular practice
  • A keen sense of enquiry to result in innovation with a view to create an impact
  • A teacher-researcher (or vise-versa) with a openness to attain proficiency in the other area
  • A willingness to unlearn and re-learn
  • Faith and commitment to an interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching
  • Well networked with respected senior academicians in ones area of interest both in India an d abroad
  • Experience in and/or keenness towards Institution building activities
  • Excitement about research towards offering composite solutions to the industry
  • Connecting closely with the industry with a view to swiftly adapt syllabus and/or content and in so doing, making our students job ready and distinctly unique viz-a viz their peers
  • Create and deliver globally relevant courses with emphasis on experiential learning
  • Process driven
  • Collaborative approach towards learning, teaching, research and functioning

If you are aligned with the most of the above and are excited about functioning in a globally relevant work environment which nurtures, encourages its people and rewards meritocracy, reach out to us; we are exited about hearing from you.

Basic Details:

  • Area of Specialization: Law
  • Functional Area: Teaching Faculty

Education & Experience Requirements

Education Requirements

Degree Course Minimum Marks required
LL.B. Law -
LL.M. Law -
Ph.D Law -
  • PhD. for Full time faculty and at-least Post Graduation for Adjunct Faculty
  • Must be from a reputed institution in India or abroad
  • A combined experience of teaching, research and institution building.
  • Post PhD. experience